• Consult AC&T Education Migration
    With the assistance and detailed information provided by professional AC&T consultants, students and parents will be able to gain further understanding of student’s study goals where potential concerns can be identified and solved. The consultation meeting will establish collaborative relationships with trust, while the consultants assist the clients to construct feasible education and migration plans.
  • Documentation
    Once the study plan is confirmed, AC&T consultants will assist the clients to gather the documents in place-based on their choices of institutions.
  • Submission
    AC&T will hand in the application as soon as the documentation is completed and track the progress frequently.
  • Receiving Letter of Offer
    While the length of processing time may differ from education providers, it may take approximately a week to a month to receive the Letter of Offer, which entails the details of the course you will be enrolled in, enrolment conditions, fee payments, and refunds, etc.
  • Confirmation of Enrolment
    At this stage, AC&T will assist the students to gather documents to demonstrate the fulfillment of conditions. To receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and secure the admission, applicants must pay the deposit indicated in the Letter of Offer once the fulfillment of conditions is confirmed.
  • Visa Documentation
    While awaiting the CoE, AC&T will provide a comprehensive list suggesting the required documents and personal details for visa application and assist the client to manage the collection.
  • Lodging Visa Application
    Once all the relevant documents and personal details are gathered, AC&T migration agents will assist the client to lodge the visa application and track the progress promptly.
  • Receiving the Visa Grant Notice
    The arrangements of flights and accommodations are recommended to be sorted once the visa is granted. AC&T education consultants will be available to advise clients in regards of the housing matters.
  • Head for Australia
    Conclude the process, pack your suitcase and wait for the departure; soon you will be landing this beautiful and significant continent, Australia, and enjoy your dynamic and abundant time studying abroad. In the meantime, AC&T will keep you company and be at your service at all time.