Wining an Early Bird voucher
We have 30 QTAC Early Bird vouchers to give away! Make sure you bring your passport, LUI Number to sign up for your voucher that will waive your fee when applying through QTAC. First come, first served. Don’t miss out!
AC&T hosted its first University Interview Session of 2019 in May. While having the second one coming on the 27th of July, let us take a sneak peek to find out the why AC&T university fair is so popular among our student community.
Come and have a look at the highlights of the first 2019 AC&T University Interview Session.

Let Shabu-Shabu warm up your stomach and heart in this Aussie winter!

Here, all questions about entering a higher school after graduating from high school can be answered!
Are you a Year 11-12 student who is pondering your plans, busy with graduation, and figuring out the prospective studying options whether to apply for a university or get VET certificates? Or you may want to learn more about QTAC, visa arrangement, even migration pathways. Only to spend a few hours over lunchtime, you will get advice given by absolute professionals and have a clearer picture of your future possibilities.
Come and join us at the AC&T University Interview Session on the 27th of July!
Where you can access:
Free Shabu-Shabu, Q&A session, meeting with AC&T consultants and admissions representatives from Universities!
AC&T will offer free-of-charge services, including assistance in university and visa applications, along with consultations regarding migration pathways.
Event Information:
Saturday, 27th of July, 12:00 pm
Level 1, 70 Mary St, Brisbane City
Contact: Chi Ma from AC&T, 0433 215 167
Aside from having a chat and meal with old and new mates, all participants will receive a little giveaway and have a go on the ultimate lucky draw!

Come and see the best moments of the last University Interview Session.

Well-fed happy faces. Great chats flowing the room with AC&T consultants.

Exciting lucky draw. Chances to win the giveaway gifts from AC&T.