Recently, there is an Australian program called Border Security. This is an Australian educational program that specifically warns everyone about what contrabands should be avoided when entering Australia from abroad, and how to declare correctly to avoid fines.


But did you know that these fines and violations will soon be upgraded?



Last week, acting Minister of Immigration Alan Tudge, and Minister of Agriculture David Littleproud issued a statement on the latest measures for International travellers not declaring high-risk biological products at customs.


“Our biosecurity system is critical to supporting the health of Australians, the environment and the competitiveness of our agricultural industries," Minister Littleproud said.


Currently all infringement notices issued at first points of entry to Australia are for two penalty units ($444), regardless of the biosecurity risk posed by undeclared goods. From 1 January 2021, biosecurity officers will be able to issue infringement notices up to $2664 where travellers fail to declare potential high biosecurity risks (like uncanned meat or live plant material).


Further, starting from January next year, student and temporary work visa holders’ visa can also be cancelled due to undeclared related items (currently only tourist visa holders will be cancelled visa due to undeclared items). The Australian Government believes that the destruction of the biosafety system will have a very serious impact on Australia, so the Australian Government will take very strong measures to manage related matters.


The Australian Government urges everyone, if you are not sure whether your belongings will disrupt the Australian biosecurity system, please declare at customs. Otherwise, they will face severe punishment. At the same time, the relevant Government official website ( will announce the relevant bills, and will also list all the items considered to be of high biosafety risk, please check before you depart for Australia.


Through this pandemic, Australia has become more and more aware of the importance of protecting its biosecurity. This new regulation is also constantly reminding us that if you want to bring snacks into Australia, you must also remember to declare. Most of us like to bring tea, dried meat and other snacks into Australia, if they are tightly packed and does not continue to culture, but you must declare these items to the customs. Otherwise, once customs finds out, what could have been brought into Australia may also be hindered, and there may even be serious consequences of visa cancellation.


The easiest way to declare is to fill in the immigration card! Everyone must fill in this immigration card carefully when entering Australia, because this is a legally binding document.