UQ has recently released the program updates for various faculties in 2021.


Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Update 1: 


Bachelor of Business Management

Two new majors in 2021 

- Innovation and Entrepreneurship  

- Leadership and Management Science 

  • Advertising major has been discontinued from 2021


Update 2: 


Bachelor of Commerce

New major in 2021 

  • - Business Analytics 


Update 3: 


Bachelor of Economics

One new major and some updated major names

- Economics and Public Policy 

- Economics of Strategy and Behaviour (New major)

- International and Financial Economics (currently known as: International Trade and Finance) 

- Quantitative Analysis (currently known as: Quantitative Methods) 


  • The following two majors has been discontinued from 2021

- Business and Industry

- Natural Resources and Environment 


Update 4: 


  • Formerly named Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management currently known as Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

New majors in 2021 

- Hotel and Hospitality Management  

- Tourism and Event Management 



Faculty of Science


Update 1: 


Newly added programmes:

  • New 3-year specialist science programmes

- Bachelor of Biotechnology (3 years)

- Bachelor of Environmental Science3 years)

After completing the Undergraduate degree, you can choose to advance to an Honours degree based on your grades:

- Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) (1 year)

- Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) (1 year)


  • within Bachelor of Biotechnology there are 5 majors and 2 minors to choose from:

Extended Major

- Agricultural Biotechnology 

- Chemical and Nano Biotechnology 

- Medical Biotechnology 

- Molecular and Microbial Biotechnology 

- Synthetic Biology and Industrial Biotechnology 



- Bioinformatics

- Innovation and Entrepreneurship



Update 2: 


Bachelor of Science (Gratton) program to be discontinued in 2021, the program will continue to be offered from the UQ St Lucia campus. Students looking for alternative pathways to Veterinary Science can consider the following programs: 

  • Bachelor of Veterinary Technology
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Equine Science
  • Bachelor of Wildlife Science
  • Bachelor of Science



Update 3: 


Changes in admission requirements

From 2021, students will have more choices to meet the admission requirements of the prerequisite courses of the Faculty of Science.

  • New entry prerequisites for Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Environmental Science are: Queensland Year 12 (or equivalent), English, Mathematical Methods plus one of Chemistry, Physics, Biology or  Earth and Environmental Science.


  • New entry prerequisites for Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Biotechnology are: Queensland Year 12 (or equivalent), English, Mathematical Methods plus one of Chemistry, Physics, Biology or  Earth and Environmental Science.



Update 4: 


Bachelor of Science


14 new disciplines has been added for greater flexibility:

  • Applied Mathematics 
  • Astrophysics 
  • Chemical Biology 
  • Coastal and Ocean Science 
  • Computational Science 
  • Developmental Biology 
  • Ecology and Conservation Biology 
  • Entomology 
  • Geographical Information Sciences 
  • Human Anatomy 
  • Human Physiology 
  • Microbiology, Infection and Immunity 
  • Neuroscience 
  • Pharmacology 


Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Update 1: 


Newly added programmes:

From 2021, the Bachelor of Design (3 years) will be added. This course provides 6 hands-on studio based design course, and can be combined with Engineering majors to study double degrees. 

Provide 6 major directions:

  • Anthropology
  • Buildings and Environments
  • Environment and Society
  • Information Environments
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Media and Digital Cultures


Update 2: 

Bachelor of EngineeringHonours

The engineering undergraduate course has been updated. The original multiple majors will be re-planned into six major categories from 2021:

  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Mechatronic Engineering 
  • Software Engineering 


These six categories include 14 Major and 2 Minor. Under the new curriculum arrangement, students can choose not to choose a category in the first year, and choose specific learning directions in the second and third years. The classification and major details are shown in the figure below: 

Update 3: 


A New Choice for Computer Undergraduate and Master Degree


The following two majors in computer science can be completed in 4 years for both Undergraduate and Masters degrees: 

  • Bachelor of Computer Science / Master of Data Science  
  • Bachelor of Computer Science / Master of Cyber Security 


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Update 1: 


Bachelor of Arts


The Bachelor of Arts contains dozens of majors, which can be described as a major collection of liberal arts and social sciences. From 2021, the following majors and minors will be added:

- Ancient Greek 

- French Advanced

- Japanese Advanced 

- Latin

- Studies in Australian Culture minor has been changed to Australian Studies minor



Update 2: 


Bachelor of Advanced Humanities (Honours)
Discontinuation of extended majors in Studies in Religion, Mathematics and Drama


Update 3: 


Bachelor of Communication

  • Change from 20 units Compulsory Courses (Part A) to 16 units of Core Courses                                                                                 
  • Change 12 unit majors to 16 unit majors for Public Relations and Digital Media
  • Discontinuation of three minors:

- Advertising 

- Event Management 
- Health Communication


Update 4: 


Bachelor of Social Science


  • Change from 20 units Compulsory Courses (Part A) to 16 units of Core Courses
  • Change 12 unit majors to 16 unit majors
  • Introduction of a new major in

- Health 

- Social Policy


  • Discontinuation of three minors:

- Development, Health and Society

- Social and Public Policy





Health and Behavioural Sciences


There are some important updates that must not be missed for the School of Medicine and the School of Health Behaviour Sciences, which has the highest admission requirements for UQ!


MD Program

At present, the UQ medical school course Doctor of Medicine (MD) has officially announced the 2021 course schedule. 

Doctor of Medicine (MD) will adopt a face-to-face teaching method. If students are not affected by the Australian border restrictions, they must attend in person. If students cannot enter Australia due to the border restriction, they can use online learning for the first semester of 2021. But student must attend school as soon as the border opens.


However, if you still cannot enter Australia in the second semester, the school provides the following three options
Option 1: Postpone the course to the second semester of 2022
Option 2: Withdraw from the MD course, complete a specific course through online learning, and get the Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences
Option 3: Exit the MD course



Nursing and Midwife Courses


The Nursing and Midwife Course has increased the English entry requirements in 2020. If students have not completed a total of 6 years of primary school and high school in Australia, they must meet IELTS 7 (x4) (PTE 72 (x4)) or equivalent English when entering UQ Requirements (valid results within three years).


Students who are applying for nursing and midwife courses next year, please make sure you achieve the required English scores.


Some other courses that require practice are no exception. Because most of the courses in the medical school and the School of Health and Behavioural Sciences use a combination of theory and practical, even during the pandemic, many of them still adopt a mixed model: online courses and face-to-face teaching. 


For more information about the updated courses feel free to contact us!