With the continuous updates from the Immigration department, more and more students are planning to study in regional areas to increase their chances of migrating to Australia. Because of this, the beautiful South Australia has become one of the first choices of many students. We will share the University of South Australia and the latest SAIBT scholarship information!



University of South Australia


University of South Australiaknown as UniSA is located in Adelaide. It is a dynamic and modern comprehensive University. It is one of the five Universities of the Australian Technology Alliance (ATN). There are currently about 33,000 students, including more than 6,000 international students from all over the world.



The University of South Australia is the largest University in South Australia. It has 7 Academic Units: UniSA Allied Health and Human  Performance, UniSA Business, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences, UniSA Creative, UniSA Education Futures, UniSA Justice & Society and UniSA STEM.



In 2020 "QS Ranking of Institutions with Schools Less than 50 Years Old", the University of South Australia was ranked 30th, and in 2019 "Times Higher Education Young University Rankings", the University of South Australia was ranked 26th.




South Australian Institute of Business and Technology (SAIBT) provides international first-year courses (Diploma Stage 1 and Diploma Stage 2) in different professional directions to enter the University of South Australia. After completing the above courses at SAIBT, students can directly enter the University of South Australia's first-year or second-year courses (without additional IETLS scores) through credit reduction and exemption, which can be connected to more than 90 undergraduate courses at the University of South Australia.



Why choose SAIBT?


• The campus is located in the City East campus of the University of South Australia

• All students will study with Australian students and courses will be taught by approved lecturers from the University of South Australia.

• Academic courses are taught in small classes with an average of 25 students

• Students can use all the facilities that belongs to the University of South Australia, including gymnasium, library, bookstore, prayer room, coffee shop and more.

• The University of South Australia has Centre for English Language (CELUSA) provides high-quality academic English teaching on campus.

• Adelaide has a low cost of living and is ranked 10th most liveable city in the world.


Recently, SAIBT announced that it will provide College Director 50% scholarships to international applicants with outstanding academic performance. The detailed scholarship content and standards are as follows:


College Director 50% Scholarship


Scholarship recipients

Students enrolled in February 2021.


Scholarship amount

The tuition fees of the first 8 subjects are reduced by 50%%


Distribution method

50% reduction from the tuition deposit for accepting offers


Application deadline


27 January 2021.


Application conditions 

• Must meet the conditions for direct entry into the Early Transition Program (ETP) or Diploma program.

• In recent studies, academic performance of 70% or above.

• Submit a personal statement within 1,000 words, stating the reasons for wanting to study at SAIBT and UniSA, learning goals, hobbies and career ambitions.


  • Scholarship terms
  • 1 Scholarships are limited, it is first come first served basis.
  • 2 The school will contact successful applicants within one week after the deadline.
  • 3 The scholarship recipients need to maintain an average GPA of 5.0.
  • 4 Cannot obtain other scholarships or grants at the same time.

In addition to the scholarships mentioned above, SAIBT has also launched a bursary of $1,000 AUD for online students.

To help students adapt to the online teaching model. The detailed bursary content and standards are as follows:


AUD$1,000 Digital Campus Bursary


Grant recipients: 

International students enrolled in October 2020 and February 2021


Amount of bursary: $1,000 AUD


Distribution method: $1,000 AUD will be deducted from the tuition deposit from accepting the offer


Application deadline:

• Students enrolled in October need to submit an application before 16 September 2020.

• Students enrolled in February need to submit an application before 1 February 2021.


Application conditions:

• The bursary is only applicable to SAIBT Early Transition Program (ETP) and diploma programs.

• This bursary cannot be obtained at the same time as any other scholarships or bursaries.


After learning about the latest scholarship information, are you excited to enrol in one of the SAIBT courses?  Feel free to contact us for more information.