Two million people use public transport in NSW every day, but under new coronavirus restrictions only 600,000 will be able to use the network.

Just 32 people will be allowed in a train carriage – which usually holds 123 passengers - and buses will be limited to carrying 12 commuters instead of their usual 63.
In a bid to stop crowding and the subsequent spread of the virus there will also be strict rules about where people can sit or stand on public transport.
Trains in Sydney were running at just 10 per cent capacity today, as the state government encourages people to slowly go back to work.

Areas such as Moore Park have been suggested as overflow carparks for workers who can then be taken into the city on shuttle buses.

The state government is also negotiating with currently empty parking stations such as the Opera House or Olympic Park to lock in cheap rates.

"We don't want to see large crowds using public transport during peak hour," Ms Berejiklian said this morning.

"It requires only about 30 to 40 percent capacity to ensure social distancing, so obviously we can't have everybody who normally uses peak hour public transport to go back at the same time.

"We will be recommending staggered work hours and a whole range of other initiatives."