Our Belief

AC&T International P/L was established in 2001 in Brisbane - an international city. In 2016 we set up a branch office in Sydney, one of the most attractive city of the world. In doing so, we can provide more efficient and effective services to our clients all over the Australia.

Our mission is “Making your life better”. With the management philosophy of “professionalism” and “empathy”, we aim to provide the most comprehensive and diverse services to international students ranging from school selection to visa application and from studying in Australia to migrating to Australia.

What’s more, with our enthusiasm and caring, we devote ourselves to assist our clients to discover the most suitable institution as well as looking after the difficulties in their daily lives. Via a series of activities held regularly by us, we explore together the significance of life and share the happiness of the growth of life with our clients.

Excellent feedbacks have been received and positive acknowledgments have been recognised due to our outstanding services. The entire team of AC&T International P/L persists one belief: “Students’ satisfaction is the core criterion of our quality control”. And the satisfaction of our students has been the strong motivation for AC&T International P/L and the spreads of word of mouth have fueled our success.

AC&T International's Services

 International Education Coorperation

AC&T has profound understanding and research on Australian educational system and good relationship with various educational institutes. We can strengthen the educational cooperation between different countries and hence make contributions to the globalization.


We have built good relationship with most of the Australian universities (including those in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and other cities), high schools, TAFEs and language schools. We can get your letter of offer quickly.


There are three licensed Migration Agents in our company. We are entitled to apply for the E-Visa for Chinese students by which mean our clients can get their visa very efficiently.

 Study and English Improvement Counselling

When the students meet the difficulty in their study, our education agent can give the on-time suggestion and help them find tutors to solve their study problems.

 Living and Working Services

Help students to arrange airport pickup, look for homestay, and deal with other problems when they live in Australia. We also help our students apply for the visa with permission to work and Tax File Number so that students are able to work legally in Australia; these services are all for free!

We arrange church activities to keep the overseas students away from corruption. Also, in the church, students can cultivate good character and make friends with Christians. The church life will be your life-long help.

Our Featured Services- from study overseas to migration

Our three registered migration agents and three qualified education agent counsellors provide students with the migration course selection, the free skilled migration consultation, and the latest and complete migration information to help students carry out their dreams of migrating to Australia

Our Team

Visa Service Section

There are three registered migration agent in our company. They specialize in student visa application, including offshore student e-visa application for Chinese students. This service provides fast and professional solution for student from China. Not only we provide assistance for student visa application, we also help students to solve their visa problem when they breach the visa conditions. We assist in internal and external school appeal for students who might breach student visa conditions and the revocation of student visa cancellation and MRT review etc. Furthermore, our migration agents provide updated skilled migration regulation and information for our students who intend to migrate to Australia after the completion of their study in Australia. This service allows our students to be informed regarding the knowledge of constant changing skilled migration regulation. 

Visa Section Team:Che Chi and Jenny Chi

Che Chi
Sydney Office Manager

Graduated from Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University, he is a Registered Migration Agent and a Qualified Education Agent. Provide the professional advices of study and migration strategies for international students. His area of expertise includes skilled migration, partner and parents visa.


WeChat ID:cheweichi Line ID: suede646

Email: randy@actimmi.com.au

Jenny Chi
Brisbane Office Manager

Graduated from Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice from the Australian National University, she is a Registered Migration Agent and a Qualified Education Agent. With professional knowledge from both professions, she can give the best advices to  puzzled students and parents.


WeChat ID:acntjennychi Line ID: acntjennychi


Educaiton Section

We have six registered education agents. With their personal Australian study experience as well as pragmatic professional knowledge, they can always design the optimal study plan for overseas students. 

Education Section Team:Sonia Chi, Beth Huang, Vicky Juan, Micky Su and Jamie Su

Sonia Chi

Student called her Chi Mama, a nickname almost more famous than our company name. In charge of our marketing department, she has more than 20 years’ experience in client service. She is good at solving problems in an easy and humorous way.


WeChat ID:actimmi Line ID: sonia1220

Email: actimmi@gmail.com


Vicky Juan
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

Studied primary school, high school and University in Australia. Have multiple work experiences while undertaking her Bachelor degree. As a qualified QEAC consultant and with her education background, she is able to help with all the obstacles an oversea student faces during their time study abroad.


WeChat ID:ACNTQEAC Line ID:acntqeac

Email: actimmi@gmail.com


Beth Huang
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

Graduated from University of Queensland, she participated in multiple student clubs, activities, and have internship and working experience during her study. She is familiar with the study and life in Australia and she is passionate in helping international students to achieve a better life in Australia.


WeChat ID:AcntAdminSB Line ID:acntbne



Mickey Su
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

With two years experience of working holiday in Australia, Mickey has so many different work experiences and familiar with the process of student visa application. She is also a qualified education consultant. She can share her study and working holiday experience with international students and try to help them to fit in the Australian culture and enjoy the life here.


WeChat ID:acntjoyce Line ID:actsyd2



Jamie Su
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor

With 2 years experience of working holiday in Australia, she had so many different jobs. She's familiar with the process of transferring from working holiday visa to student visa. She always patiently answer all the questions about student visa and give assistance to working holiday clients. She also holds activities for international students and is in charge of social media marketing.


WeChat ID:AcntSyd1 Line:actsyd1